Skype Version Free

The popular software program for placing video calls to PCs, smartphones, or landlines

Skype is probably one of Microsoft's most popular software programs, even though few users are aware of the fact that the American giant is now the happy owner of this popular communications software programs.
Skype, that was not the first calling software program, had cracked the VOIP services code, and had soon become a standard uniting businessmen and young technology buffs alike. It will enable you to quickly place calls from any PC or smartphone to any PC or smartphone that have it installed, free of any charge. Most of its revenues are generated by placing calls to foreign landlines, a much cheaper alternative than placing these same calls from regular phones.
In addition, users who're interested in holding group video chats have to pay for it (all you need is one paying listed user and the rest of the participants can watch for free).
But fear not, most users use it for free, just like you do. These are users that download the software program and that will never feed it with their credit cards, as they use it only to communicate with a friend who's currently overseas for free or with family living far away for free.
After acquiring Skype, Microsoft had shut down in late 2013, its instant messaging service, MSN Messenger, turning Skype, through its instant messaging service, to the only official alternative for MSN Messenger.
Its connectivity to Facebook can be of interest to those who live within this social network, through speed-dialing contacts. Others might feel that Skype is a little too intrusive, as, for an instance, every phone number might become a link to Skype, which is not necessarily convenient for you.
Installation is easy and simple, but be aware of the fact that Microsoft is trying to set Bing as the default search engine, while most of you probably still prefer Google.

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